The Ultimate Revelation of WhatsApp Spyware Technology

‘Stagefright’ is a famous word in the tech world, and many people have fallen victim to its attack. It is a term that collectively refers to software bugs that affect Android operating systems. The bug allows the attacker to take over the victim’s device through a remote code. All the attacker needs to do is to send a message to the target device. Besides, even iOS devices have their own bugs to deal with.

Stagefright2What is Stagefright?

Last year, reported that Stagefright came back to affect billions of Android cell phones by simply opening videos or songs on the target device. While many people began, fretting about taking security measures cell phone companies had to look into their technology to make it bug proof. This is why iPhone and Android users need regular updates to fix bugs and to make their cell phones hacker proof. Samsung announced publically that it would continue to fix issues in its cell phones. All apps and operating systems have bugs that need constant fixing. Our recent post about bug fixes may help you understand that all devices and apps constantly need updates to fight bugs.

Should WhatsApp Spyware Users Be Concerned?

Amidst all these developments, other innovative apps have been taking over the market. Not all apps are for hackers, some are for employers who want to use technology to secure their business secrets. Business owners who use spyware to monitor their workers have nothing to worry. Regardless of the updates that cell phone companies may introduce to their smartphones, apps that facilitate chat monitoring remain sturdy. Even if there is the need to alter the program of such software to preserve compatibility with iOS and Android devices, developers will provide regular updates whenever necessary.

Stagefright3WhatsApp Spyware Technology is Not like Stagefright

While Stagefright refers to bugs in a program that allow people access to the target device, a WhatsApp monitoring spyware is completely different technology. Android and iOS users often install apps on their devices to help with various things. Often, iPhone users use Siri to get directions and answers to their questions when they need help, and Android users use Google. In the same way, employers who want to surpass the end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp are using apps such as Xnspy, iSpyoo, and Spyera. These apps do not operate as bugs nor do they meddle with the operating system of the device on which users install them, but they are sophisticated programs designed to assist users in many ways.

Stagefright5How Employers Benefit from WhatsApp Monitoring

The greatest challenge business owners often face is that upon issuing cell phones to employees to use for work purposes, employees install various apps to personalize the device. WhatsApp is one of the most famous internet chatting apps that people use on the go. Employers have increasing concerns about what kind of information their staff can share via such apps, compromising company secrets. By using monitoring apps, employers can access entire threads of conversations to screen them and to make sure employers do not disclose sensitive company secrets.

Employers using such apps can see call logs via WhatsApp to know which contacts the target person converses with and how frequently communication happens. Besides, employers can see all photos and video exchanged via the app.

Stagefright6Just Monitoring WhatsApp Is Not Enough

It is not a secret that employers also use emails, texts, and calls to share company secrets if they are part of espionage plans against a company. This is why; employers often need something more than just a WhatsApp spying app. You will be able to find several apps that offer the ability to screen conversations via WhatsApp and other IM chat tools, including Skype, Viber, Line, and Kik. All these apps offer end-to-end encryption and although iOS and Android cell phones continue to have bugs in them, the design of these apps outdoes the bugs. With constant updates, creators of such monitoring apps continue to provide employers the best experience and smooth monitoring.

Moreover, some apps, including XNSPY, also offer GPS tracking and geofencing, listening to calls, screening text messages, listening to ambient sounds in the background, and remote control of the target employees’ device. This means that employers who search for highly sophisticated monitoring apps have an edge over those that do not use modern technology to monitor their employees.

Stagefright4Monitoring employees remains an integral part of business management, which is why an increasing number of business owners are using such apps to secure their business secrets from competitors. Sadly, people have the misconception that using WhatsApp spyware means having bugs on the device. The truth is that these apps are nothing like ‘Stagefright’.

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