MetaReview: OnePlus 3

Welcome to the GadgetBlur MetaReview of the OnePlus 3. I have collected 26 reviews of the OnePlus 3 and below you will find an overall score for the phone, a short summary from each site and a link to the full review. If you have the OnePlus 3, leave your own score in the comments.

LeTV and the One X600: A Chinese Powerhouse Combination

Many of you have never heard of the brand LeTV, and those who do know about it will find out more about this absolute beast of a phone called the X600. If you haven’t heard about the brand and the phone then best strap in because you are in for a ride.

OnePlus 2 – Can They Do it Again?

Our long international nightmare is over! The OnePlus 2 has finally been revealed, in all of its VR glory. While this is the sort of hyperbole that has come to define the #HYPE marketing plan, the virtual reality experience app that OnePlus used to make their official announcement was very interesting and showed the level of dedication of its fans. …

Meizu MX5 – The “Flagship Killer” Killer?

We can’t pretend that the term “flagship” is an unambiguous word. Its meaning is largely determined from your perspective. For the major phone manufacturers and their fans, flagship designates the phone with best specs, made from the most stylish of materials, and costing the most money delivered every year by the likes of Samsung, Apple, LG and HTC. But looked …