MetaReview: OnePlus 3

Welcome to the GadgetBlur MetaReview of the OnePlus 3. I have collected 26 reviews of the OnePlus 3 and below you will find an overall score for the phone, a short summary from each site and a link to the full review. If you have the OnePlus 3, leave your own score in the comments.

The Future of Cheap Chinese Smartphones

The Future of Cheap Chinese Smartphones Small phone manufacturers like OnePlus and Xiaomi are breaking ground with their great but cheap phones in emerging markets like China and India, where big name brands like Apple and Samsung are quickly being flanked with phones built by Chinese startups. The question in everyone’s minds is one thing: How long until they threaten …

OnePlus 2 – Invite Free

There are few phones that are both so highly desirable and also so hard to get as the OnePlus 2. With over 3 million signed-up for an invite, the possibility of actually getting one can seem slim. But luckily, there is some hope yet. The “flagship killer of 2016” is available right now, without an invite.

OnePlus & the Derailment of the #HYPE Train

There is little question that OnePlus produced one of the top smartphones of 2014 and that they earned the moniker “flagship killer”. There is also little doubt that they have changed the smartphone landscape, bringing high specs at low price. But things have not been perfect for the young company and their mistakes are threatening their future viability.

LeTV and the One X600: A Chinese Powerhouse Combination

Many of you have never heard of the brand LeTV, and those who do know about it will find out more about this absolute beast of a phone called the X600. If you haven’t heard about the brand and the phone then best strap in because you are in for a ride.

OnePlus Killer? Ubik Takes Aim at the Two

Creating a smartphone company from scratch is no easy feat. Not when the dominant brands are not only backed by massive conglomerates making a whole host of tech gadgets, but they are also deeply entrenched in the psyche of consumers. To fight through this noise, companies have two paths to at their disposal. They could take the guerilla marketing path …