MetaReview: OnePlus 3

Welcome to the GadgetBlur MetaReview of the OnePlus 3. I have collected 26 reviews of the OnePlus 3 and below you will find an overall score for the phone, a short summary from each site and a link to the full review. If you have the OnePlus 3, leave your own score in the comments.

Google Chromecast Audio Review

Chromecast Audio: ecently, a few UK retailers had the Chromecast Audio on sale for half it’s recommended retail price. I’m an ardent fan of Google’s Chromecast and I had my eye on the Chromecast Audio for some while.  It can be quite useful to connect to your speakers to make them “smarter”, giving you the capability to wirelessly transmit music …

The Future of Cheap Chinese Smartphones

The Future of Cheap Chinese Smartphones Small phone manufacturers like OnePlus and Xiaomi are breaking ground with their great but cheap phones in emerging markets like China and India, where big name brands like Apple and Samsung are quickly being flanked with phones built by Chinese startups. The question in everyone’s minds is one thing: How long until they threaten …

The PRIV and The Future of BlackBerry

The PRIV and The Future of BlackBerry If you haven’t been living under a rock then you probably know about BlackBerry’s impending doom that is bankruptcy. But, BlackBerry is going out fighting with their new phone, the PRIV. It’s an attempt to salvage what they can from the spiralling company. But, BlackBerry may still die due to their Achilles Heel.