Steam Summer Sales Tips

Just a quick blast article to let you know the Steam sales have started! But what if you want a few tips to help save you money on the sales, I’m sure your wallet will be thankful.

If you’re reading this, you more than likely know that Valve has started their annual summer Steam sales, which means your bank accounts are most likely crying. But just because everything is on sale, doesn’t mean you have to spend spend spend!. Here are some tips to help save you money.

Steam Store Source: Valve

Steam Store
Source: Valve

Some Steam Tips

Be selective. Don’t just by a game because it’s on sale.

We’ve all been there. You see a game on sale and think, “I don’t need it, but I might want to play it in a few months, best get it now.” Speaking as someone who has fallen victim this urge, and now has too more games than time! You don’t always ‘need’ it. More often than not, if you wait a while and finish your current games, it’ll be back on sale. Focus on the immediate needs first!

Use tech to keep track of deals.

Steam has a nice feature which emails you when games on your wish list gets a new deal. Adding games to the wish list means you not only get notifications of lower prices, but you now have an organized list, which allows you to view all of the prices of your desired games quickly and easily.

Holding out for an extra deal is sometimes worth it.

A game that is not worth it at $20 can become irresistible at $12. Prices matter. Have you ever bought a game at 30% off, only to find out that the next day, it becomes 75% off in a flash sale? Keep an eye on when the current offer will expire, if you can wait, wait. You get a flash deal that transform how you think about the game.

Screen grab of Steam's summer picnic image.

Summer Picnic Sale
Source: Steam

Running late and missed out on all the deals?

Sometimes you’re late to the party, the flash deals are gone and it’s the last day. Don’t fear, sometimes, there’s an encore sale! The games which sold the best could have a final day sale where you have your last chance to snag a few deals. You got keep checking back.

Check the specs. Can you run it?

You might be really tempted to purchase the latest AAA title game because it’s 10% off, but can your system run it? What’s worse than having a brilliant game and not being able to enjoy it? Do your homework. Take a peak at the game and under your own hood.

Really want to buy a game but don’t know if you’ll like it?

This is a very common problem, while Steam does offer a refund option, check with your friends and see if they have that game. Maybe they’ll let you set up family share on your computer, just so you can download the game and test it out. Sure, you can carry on using this and enjoy the free game, but if your friend wants to play then you’ll get kicked off, at least when you’re both online. Treat it like a demo, play it for as long as the games on sale and maybe you’ll decide you want it for yourself.

Screen grab of some of the games on sale at Steam

The Deals!
Source: Steam


Remember, the Steam community reviews the games. Take advantage of the entire world of Steam. Read the reviews, even the negative ones. Sometimes it’s just people complaining, but you’ll gain an insight to how other gamers are finding the game. Are the complaints consistent and persistent? Avoid that game like the plague. We all remember games like Watch_Dogs, with trailers that showed awesome potential, but once players started using it, that’s when the cracks started to show.


So guys, did you learn anything new? Do you have some tips for other gamers? Comment below to let us know. And most importantly, tell us what games you have bought so far!

Happy Gaming!

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