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Mpow: The Memorial Day Sale

Mpow: The Memorial Day Sale

It’s summer and, for those of us in the US, that means sun, sand, and Memorial Day sales. And we’ve got a pretty good sale for you. Mpow and GadgetBlur have teamed up to bring you discounts on some of their best tech accessories. “Mpow is the No.1 Premium Bluetooth Accessories Brand for Smartphones.”

Mpow Swift Wireless Sport Headphones

Mpow® Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Headphones

Mpow Swift port Headphones
Source: Mpow

The Mpow Swift are the “often imitated, never duplicated” sport headphone of choice. I own a set and they are my go-to headphones for my workout. The new version is available in three colors (black, orange, fluorescence green), so there won’t be an issue with getting a set to match your personality.

CODE: M8LYVFZ9 (all colors)
Discount: $4 off
Cost (/w discount): $15.99


Mpow Cheetah Nano Wireless Sport Headphones

Mpow® Cheetah Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones Stereo Sport Running Gym Exercise Headsets Earphones Hands-free Calling Car Earbuds-Black

Mpow Cheetah Wireless Headphones
Source: Mpow

Like the Swift, the Cheetah Nano is a sport headphone, coming with sweat and moisture protection. This is perfect for those runners who refuse to take a day off for rain. Unlike the Swift, the Cheetah is an “over the hear” style design.
Code: 27WPCJKN  (all colors)
Discount: $6 off
Cost (/w discount): $23.99
Expires: 06/09/2016

Mpow Bullfight Wireless Headphones

Mpow® Bullfight Bluetooth 4.1 Wearable Wireless Headphone

Mpow BullfightWireless Headphone
Source: Mpow

The Mpow Bullfight headphones are an interesting take on the “necklace” style, adding to the sports-style cable a magnetic clip to allow for easy wearing around the neck. An interesting feature is the ability to connect two devices to the headphones at once, enabling them to be used with a personal and work phone.
Code: U5AEG4QS
Discount: $6 off
Cost (/w discount): $29.99
Expires: 06/09/2016

Mpow Jaws Stereo Headset

Mpow® Jaws Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Headset

Mpow Jaws Wireless Headset
Source: Mpow

The Mpow Jaws are the classic style of necklace headset. It has controls on the main body of the headset and clamps to secure the earbuds when not in use.
Discount:$4 off
Cost (/w discount): $21.99
Expires: 06/19/2016

Mpow Freebang Wireless Speaker & Powerbank

Mpow® FreeBang Wireless Dual 5W Speaker

Mpow FreeBang Speaker
Source: Mpow

The Mpow Freebang is the most intriguing of the set. On the one hand, its waterproof Bluetooth outdoor speaker, but, on the other, it also doubles as a power bank. This combination of features should make for a beautiful day at the beach.

Code: 8648XISC
Discount: $5 off
Cost (/w discount): $44.99
Expires: 06/09/2016

Mpow Apple MFI Certified 8-Pin Lightning to USB Cable

Mpow® Apple MFI Certified 8-Pin Lightning to USB Cable

Mpow Lightning Cable
Source: Mpow

If you have owned an iPhone or iPad for longer than a couple of months, then you are in need of a new cable. For all of Apple’s attention to detail, its production standards and quality control around cables are substandard at best. But Mpow has you covered with their Lightning Cable.

Discount: $6 off
Cost (/w discount): $6.99
Expires: 06/19/2016

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