Be the Watch_Dogs

 With the trailers and pre-orders of Watch_Dogs 2 released, I decided to replay the first iteration of this series. Everyone has done their review of the game, be it positive or negative, I decided to do something different. Here is what you need to become a Watch_Dog Hacker.

The Phone

Watch_Dogs Phone

Credit: Ubisoft

In Watch_Dogs, the main tool on the player’s arsenal is their phone, so we’ll start with that. You want to have a phone that’s powerful, flexible and one you know how to use. So please, if you are thinking about doing any of the following, think twice, as it’s not for the novice users. Also it’s Android only. Sorry Apple fanboys, but this time, Android wins.


Operating System

As I mentioned above, you’ll need an android phone, but to take advantage of these tools I highly recommend getting a custom ROM, such as  Cyanogenmod and Root your phone. If you don’t have either of these, or want to learn how to get them, here are some links to help you get started





How to root:


I recommend the Nova Launcher. I’ve used it on every android device I’ve owned and I find it a better option than other launchers.

Nova Launcher


The features alone are worth it. You’d get more control over your home screen and app drawer and gesture control, currently, the prime version is on sale, so go grab it!


Home Screen Widgets

Your home screen, is the screen you see the most, so you’d want it to look it’s best, this is why you need two tools, UCCW and the Future ctOS Skin


UCCW – Ultimate custom widget



Future ctOS – UCCW skin/theme

Future ctOS - UCCW skin/theme



Video Tutorial:


After installing and configuring (see devs page for help) your phone will have the Dedsec look! That’s what all the hackers have right? A phone screen that looks complex yet stylish, flashy yet functional, and that is what you’ll get!


Icon Pack

Stealth Icon Pack

Give your icons a darker look! Keep the colour scheme blending together, because it seems all hackers in video games likes the sleek stealth look. Besides, it’s a very nice icon pack.

Stealth Icon Pack

Credit: Stealthychief


Boot Animation

The ctOS boot animation is perfect for this!

If you’re like me and you reboot your phone often, whether it’s to go into recovery mode or simply to have a daily refresh, booting up can be quite boring, however with this animation it’ll pass the time, giving a true ct-OS look and sound too!


Battery Life

In Watch_Dogs, your phone recharges all on its own, now this is because it’ll be super boring to hack 5 systems then having to find the nearest wall socket to recharge. Although that’ll add a new mechanic I guess…

Instead you can get a power bank. Portable phone chargers, depending which one you get, you’d get an extra full charge out of your phone, you’d make it through the day, if not longer!

However, you still need to charge the power bank, or you could get a solar powered charging solution, you can even combine and get a power bank with a solar panel on top, so when you’re not using it, you can recharge it!

Solar Power Bank


Otherwise, you’d best keep an eye out for a wall socket



Now you got the looks, we need to give you the tools for the job. Below are a few tools in which you can use to seize control of your enemies machines and shutdown their actions.




If you have heard of Kali Linux, then you’ll be familiar with this, if you haven’t, check

What Nethunter does is bring all the tools of Kali to your phone, allowing you to easily perform certain actions or through a shell, more complex hacking.

You’ll get a bunch of new tools for you phone, however not all phones can use this, so as well as checking out their website  and download page , you can search online for possible tutorials. I have it installed on my Samsung Note 3.

One feature within Nethunter is the ability to quickly start a MiTM attack, where you will intercept traffic between two devices and alter the packet information flowing to and from. This can allow you to pick up unsecure passwords or sessions, capture downloads or just torment them by changing all their internet images to one you specified.

Nethunter also comes with it’s own boot animation, which doesn’t look too bad, but if you want the full ctOS experience, you know which one to pick.


A tool similar to Nethunter but more lightweight and better chance to work on more phones, this tool allows man in the middle attacks, port scanning and a few other interesting attacks.


Your image

Watch Dogs

Credit: Ubisoft

Now that your phone looks and acts the part, it’s your turn now.

Being a hacker, at least in video game terms, means you want to blend in, don’t wear bright colourful clothes because it’ll be seen and remembered easier.

You want to be forgotten as easily as possible.

And since you want to get away from a scene quick, you’d want to wear clothing which won’t weigh you down, Aiden might be wearing a trench coat and free running but can you?

Find your style, be subtle, be sneaky, be smart.

To get you off to a good start, you can find replica outfits of Aiden Pearce .


Now that you have the phone and the look of a Dedsec member, go show the world what you can do!


Disclaimer: GadgetBlur, nor I condone acts of hacking or hacking related acts which is not within legal bounds or unauthorized attempts of hacking. Please consult your region laws on Cyber Security to know your rights and respect other people’s devices. As owning a hammer doesn’t make you a carpenter, following this article doesn’t make you a hacker, if you wish to learn more about Cyber Security, please look up respectable websites such as ec-council for more information.


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