Staying Productive With Tech

Tech-knowledge-y   We’ve all been there. That time when you need to put down those red cups and pick up your pens and pencils, and actually do some proper studying instead of just procrastinating. It’s tough though, writing out notes by hand can be a long and tedious process and going through them again can seem like finding a needle …

Be the Watch_Dogs

 With the trailers and pre-orders of Watch_Dogs 2 released, I decided to replay the first iteration of this series. Everyone has done their review of the game, be it positive or negative, I decided to do something different. Here is what you need to become a Watch_Dog Hacker.


MetaReview: OnePlus 3

Welcome to the GadgetBlur MetaReview of the OnePlus 3. I have collected 26 reviews of the OnePlus 3 and below you will find an overall score for the phone, a short summary from each site and a link to the full review. If you have the OnePlus 3, leave your own score in the comments.

Upgrading from a Prebuilt

If you’re like me, you bought a prebuilt PC years ago, not wanting to spend a lot of time and effort finding and making your own rig. Now though, that ultra powerful gtx 660 ti is seeming a little shorthanded. Time for an upgrade. But wait! This is a prebuilt case,too small for a gpu with a standardized cooler, filled …